Friday, August 11, 2017

Dark Angels Scout with camo cloak

Wow, ok, so apparently it's been 4 years since my last post... Probably nobody visits this blog anymore but hey, it might be worth it again, because the new range of Dark Imperium nurgles got my painting juices flowing again :D

Sooo, I ordered those glorious models and am actually about to go pick them up in a sec, BUT, in the meantime, while waiting, I picked up something from the box, to kill the time. Those scouts were there, primed black and ready for action. They were supposed to be painted in 2013 but yea, it never happened back then.

The main motivation for me to pick the scout in particular, was the cloak. I really wanted to give it a shot, especially knowing that it's going to be challenging to do, so that it doesn't look like crap. I've seen the pics, I've read the posts - everybody says that it's a nightmare to make a good looking, random camo pattern.

For this particular model, I wanted to go with a classic, military camo type, some mix of both woodland and camogrom types.

You can see that woodland (the top one) has more jagged edges and more saturated colors. Camogrom (the bottom one) has a more rounded pattern and is much lighter. I like both, but with the colors I had (those that didn't dry out in the last 4 years), I went with somewhat of a mix.

I'm not gonna go too much into details on the colors, because: a) some are of the old GW type and no longer available b) it doesn't matter that much. The trick really, was to go with a green basecoat and then just to paint in the other colors with randomized strokes. Just watch how the colors go on the woodland camo, and look at the picture with the mindset that green is the base. All other colors start to be visible as those wierd shapes, that although random, keep a consistent presence on the whole area. This is important: while doing the splotches, make sure that they are evenly spread out accross the whole area. The brown splotches are the biggest and kinda rounded, the khaki parts are slightly smaller splotches that are distinguishable, while the blakcs are thin branch type splotches - almost veinlike. So that's basically what I ended up doing:

- start with green base
- add irregular but not jagged, big brown splotches
- add khaki type, smaller, more irregular and more jagged splotches
- finally add black "veins"

I'm quite happy with the cloak that came out of this. I for sure couldn't be bothered to paint all 5 guys like that, so ended up pouring all my energy and commitment to just this one guy. But heck, I don't play the game anymore, so whatever, don't need a full squad :D I'd rather paint single dudes and have fun, than to burn out on an assembly line :(

Anyway, here's the final effect. I hope you like it and expect some truly rotten nurgles to come out in the next 1-2 weeks. I'm gonna get some of those "new" technical paints for that, so I'm counting on some cool metal and gut effects.


  1. You still have one visitor at least! Excellent work on the camo cloak. I am also putting together my DG from the dark Imperium set and looking forward to more Nurglish goodness in the coming weeks.

    1. Hehe thanks man! I got the drone 1st in eline, with armor done and working on the skin now. I hope to finish it this week :)