Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my very first blog ever! Having sunk head over heels into this great Warhammer hobby, I finally decided to cut out a corner of the internet for myself, to document and
share my projects.
My name is Peter. I'm from Warsaw, Poland. I'm 32 years old and only recently acted on my long surpressed urge to start painting those awesome miniatures. I can pretty much pinpoint the exact moment when that happened, since it coincided with the release of the Space Marine pc game.
I went to a nice, festive premiere with my friend, where GW staff had all sorts of boards set up as well as a painting station. I feasted my eyes on all those awesome miniatures and then had a long talk with one of those guys. The next day, I bought the WH40K starter set to see if I really had it in me to dive into this hobby. As it turned out, I did and have been discovering it day after day ever since.
This blog will document my path and since it's been going on for a while, I have quite a lot of content to post, so that I can catch up to recent "events" :)


  1. Welcome to the hobby! Glad to see you're a fan of Chaos! I suppose that probably makes up for the Ultramarine miniatures I see you have (but then again, who doesn't have a few somewhere in their collection?).
    Anyway, congratulations for starting to collect 40k, and for being such a good painter/sculptor already!

  2. Thanks man! Tomorrow the airbrush/compressor set will arrive, so new updates on WIPs should follow shortly after :)

  3. Hi Peter,
    Welcome to the world of 40K and blogging.I regularly follow Ron at From The Warp's blog and loved the rhino pics so I thought I'd take a closer look! I've also just started my very own blog in the hope that it will help me finally finish a fully painted (Death Guard) army. If you're interested here's the link:

  4. Good luck with that project, DG for life! :)