Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's new today

Hi guys. I know that updates have been slow lately so I want to bring you up to speed on what's happening in my little workshop.
First of all, I have tons of stuff to paint. I've just bought a box of khorne berzerkers, a daemon prince and 2 metal obliterators. I still have the 5 man squad of terminators to do and those 9 plague marines...
Last night I created some cool bases for the terminators and also put together 10 zerkers. I hate cleaning up the models, such a tedious task :( They have some amazing action poses though; love those models.
Since terminators are khorne followers in my army I'll paint them alongside the zerkers starting tonight! I really want to get as much done before May 15th so expect some fresh pics inc soon!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

DMP 2012

Some photgraphs from the DMP 2012, held in Warsaw over this weekend. Loosely translated, DMP stands for Polish Team-Championship Cup. There were however, some teams from abroad as well. I don't really follow the tournament scene, but it was quite a big event (well, still is, since it ends tomorrow :)  and so definitely worth checking out. Plethora of pics after the break.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Nurgle predator

This is going to be a WIP post about my newest project - the Nurgle predator. I've spent the last 3 hours green stuffing the heck out of it and tomorrow will be paint day :) I also used some liquid GS for the hull gaps but didn't really find it overly effective. I hope it won't show too much in the end. Here is a front pic and some more after the break.

PROJECT STATUS: COMPLETE (new updates inside)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project: Battlescape

Just as I suspected, the temptation to do the Battlescape terrain piece overwhelmed me, so I gave in and started working on it. I am going to update this post as I go further into the project so come back after a while if you want to see it unravel :)

PROJECT STATUS:                   COMPLETE

Friday, April 13, 2012

New airbrush kit - first impressions

Christmas came early to me! However, instead of Santa Claus, it was the DHL delivery guy who brought the airbrush kit :) Trembling with excitement, I took the box from him and immediately started unpacking.

I layed out everything in front of the camera, and placed a soda can for size reference. Few words about the items you can see in the pic after the break.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

First man standing

The first marine from a new squad was born last night. As I mentioned in my previous post, this bunch will be used for gaming, so I was trying to cut some corners here and there to help speed up the process. Too bad I just can't seem to fully switch to this mindset and

Monday, April 09, 2012

Current WIPs

At the moment I have a few things going on. I still have 10 marines to paint from the box that I've mentioned in the previous post. I won't paint them to some very awesome standard though, enhanced tabletop experience will have to do here.
I also went for some easter shopping and got myself: a battlescape, a predator and a squad of terminators. The latter two are part of my army list so I will at least

Nurgle rhino

My latest project is a big one :) In the meantime I got a bit sucked into the whole gaming aspect of WH40k and played a few games with a small army of the models that I have + some proxies.
I kind of liked it so I decided to give it a shot and got myself the anniversary kit that had a rhino and 10 csm in it.

A while back, I asked Ron from From the Warp to give me some tips on painting large vehicles without an airbrush (I have a land speeder storm for my lonely marines waiting to reinfornce them). He made a great post with many useful tips so I decided to

25th anniversary

As you are all well aware, the WH40k 25th anniversary happened very recently. GW shipped out a special model to celebrate. The model is really cool and being a big fan of this universe, I just had to have it!

I painted the model in 3 logical steps; first the base, then the banner and then the marine.
The base was a simple drybrush job with some odd detail painting of the skulls


Having some photography background behind me, the one thing that I really don't like are bad pics. In my opinion, the actual picture of a miniature compliments it so much and adds so much to the overall effect, that it's really worth the extra mile to make a good one.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to upgrade your photo workshop is a lightbox. I found the instructions to make one, along with a description, somewhere on the internet, so unfortunately I can't give proper credit. Nonetheless, I'll post my own quick tutorial on how to make one:

Nurgle biker

Next up is the nurgle biker. I decided that I want to take a shot at a small vehicle and green stuff all in one go. Here's what I came up with:

At this point, I had the cholor scheme pretty much figured out, so once again, I won't go into too much detail. In retrospect, I would definitely

Nurgle lord

One other nurgle model, that was stuck in my head for a while was the nurgle lord. Yet another example of a true bad ass from the nurgle range.

The painting scheme for this one was pretty much the same as with the plague marines so I won't go into all the details. The one big difference was painting all that flesh.

Plague marines

Next up in line were some troops to compliment the monstrous creature :)
The most logical choice was the plague marines, also in finecast version.

Below you'll find, once again a copy pasted description from flickr on how I painted those suckers:

Nurgle daemon prince

Ok, so now that the marines had something going for them it was time to finally get my hands dirty with the models that I REALLY wanted to paint. It's nurgle time baby!

The one model, that really appealed to me is the Nurgle Daemon Prince. I got myself the finecast version and spent a looong time working on him. Below you'll find the description on how I painted him that i copy pasted from my flickr page (cba rewording it just for the blog :) )

First boss

The second ever miniature that I bought was the Eternal Champion. I figured, I wanted to have a badass boss for those handful of marines to keep them in check and this model with his pose is the pinaccle of badassery :) At that point of time, I was still very clueless on how to do stuff, since

Diorama project

Once I've decided that I want to paint more and more miniatures, I figured that I have to have some kind of a way to display them properly. So happens that I have a conveniently located windowsill in my room, that measures 35 X 105cm. I got the idea to make a large diorama that would spread accross the whole surface and would serve as a nice, themed, base for all the minis I wanted to paint.

I do favor the chaos side of WH40k so I knew that in the end, I will have much more chaos models to show off than anything else. I did have those few marines from the starter set though, and I wanted to put them to some use as well. Therefore, to make things a little more interesting, I decided on a theme for the diorama which is basically a "last stand" kind of thing, where

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hello world!

Hi and welcome to my very first blog ever! Having sunk head over heels into this great Warhammer hobby, I finally decided to cut out a corner of the internet for myself, to document and