Monday, April 09, 2012

Current WIPs

At the moment I have a few things going on. I still have 10 marines to paint from the box that I've mentioned in the previous post. I won't paint them to some very awesome standard though, enhanced tabletop experience will have to do here.
I also went for some easter shopping and got myself: a battlescape, a predator and a squad of terminators. The latter two are part of my army list so I will at least
assemble them asap and we'll see about the painting :)

The battlescape however might win in who-goes-first category, since it's just such a great piece of terrain that I cannot resist the temptation to begin with it. I also bought 2 technical paints from the new GW range, especially for this project. I'll tell you guys my impressions, once I'm done.

The one thing that is holding me back to start on the battlescape is the fact that I'm really thinking hard about getting an airbrush with a compressor. My army list has 5 more vehicles on it + this damaged rhino on the bscape and they are all just crying for an airbrush.

After some research, I decided that I will most likely buy the following combo:

The airbrush is called "K130" and it's quite cheap (I'm on a budget) but it's double action and gravity fed so should be ok. In the beginning I only plan to use it for basecoating type work. If I feel the urge to upgrade, it will at least be based on real, personal experiences and genuine need for better gear.

This will be a big leap in my hobby, one that I hope will open up some new avenues :)

Tell me guys what you think about those gear choices, and if you have any relevant thoughts on airbrushes in general, share them as well!

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