Saturday, April 28, 2012

What's new today

Hi guys. I know that updates have been slow lately so I want to bring you up to speed on what's happening in my little workshop.
First of all, I have tons of stuff to paint. I've just bought a box of khorne berzerkers, a daemon prince and 2 metal obliterators. I still have the 5 man squad of terminators to do and those 9 plague marines...
Last night I created some cool bases for the terminators and also put together 10 zerkers. I hate cleaning up the models, such a tedious task :( They have some amazing action poses though; love those models.
Since terminators are khorne followers in my army I'll paint them alongside the zerkers starting tonight! I really want to get as much done before May 15th so expect some fresh pics inc soon!


  1. berzerkers are first, though I did try some batch work and primed and wash shaded them along with the other models. gonna finish up troops probably tomorrow and then it will be termies next :)

  2. You should check out the Forge World stuff if you're a fan of Khorne and Nurgle. They've got some very nice (expensive) kits. Although I am impressed that you only had two units left to paint before buying more stuff. A bit of a change to my 15 unpainted units.

  3. Nah, i bought the zerkers, dp and oblits while still having 9 plague csm left to paint :-)

  4. Chaos huh? Ha this reminds me of the time 2 weeks ago when i cut down 8 beserkes in a sweeping advance with 5 necron flayed ones XD

  5. my guys do not lose mellee battles! :D btw they will be done today, so pics up in the evening.