Saturday, April 21, 2012

DMP 2012

Some photgraphs from the DMP 2012, held in Warsaw over this weekend. Loosely translated, DMP stands for Polish Team-Championship Cup. There were however, some teams from abroad as well. I don't really follow the tournament scene, but it was quite a big event (well, still is, since it ends tomorrow :)  and so definitely worth checking out. Plethora of pics after the break.

You have to forgive me for the failed focus on the closeups and a few other photos. For some reason, my autofocus started acting up and I couldn't fix it on the spot. Also, the painting competition models were in a display case, in a badly lit area, so they were a nightmare to photograph.


  1. Epic! I wish I could go...
    (BTW, is that a guy in a pink dressing gown?)

  2. hehe yea. those 2 guys wearing pink were kinda sanding out of the crowd :D

  3. Like those necron barges...I have 5 and all are convertabile!