Friday, April 20, 2012

Nurgle predator

This is going to be a WIP post about my newest project - the Nurgle predator. I've spent the last 3 hours green stuffing the heck out of it and tomorrow will be paint day :) I also used some liquid GS for the hull gaps but didn't really find it overly effective. I hope it won't show too much in the end. Here is a front pic and some more after the break.

PROJECT STATUS: COMPLETE (new updates inside)

I like barrels so I put a barrel on this vehicle as well, but this time it's purpose is sort of a sludge feeder for the cannon. I know it's twin linked LC but hey, some suspension of disbelief can work wonders :) Let's just say the sludge is there to taint the shots with some proper disease hehe.
I also did some bullet holes in two places with a drill and hobby knife.

One cool thing I'm happy about is this tentacle arm wielding another weapon obliterator style.

I also skulpted a wierd hand comming out of the growth on the back. Not much purpose there but when I was doing just the normal growth it sort of started to shape like a hand so I went with it :)

This time, I will be using an airbrush to paint (for the basecoating at least) so I'll use my usual pallette instead of the army painter primer. I hope the effect will be better. Stay tuned!

Update: Airbrushing is pretty much done. I did the basecoat with knarlock green, followed by the new lorien forest colour and some camo green mix highlights. Then I did a heavy wash of devlan mud and thraka green. Not gonna happen again. Heavy wash fails badly since it leaves brush marks the size of grand canyon :( Next time I'm either going to do careful wash shading straight into recesses (like with the first rhino) or water it down like 5:1 or something.... Because of that fail, I had to retouch with the airbrush.

Photo before the washes:

The next photo shows the hull stage complete, after the retouch and camo green + rotten flesh highlights. I also managed to finish repriming the parts that will have all the other colours (that was a lot of work).

Ok so today I've spent like 6h on this thing. I did the tentacles and spores, the metal parts on the tank and all the additional bits and I had a go at the yellow stripes on the front.

Tentacles were pretty much the same as on the rhino so:
  • dark flesh basecoat
  • dwarven flesh layer
  • ogryn flesh wash
  • elf flesh highlight
  • another ogryn flesh wash (lighter) + some leviathan purple in the spore bases
  • bleached bone very light drybrush highglight
  • tentacle tips with warlock purple and a light leviathan purple wash on top
Metal was so far a straightforward tin bitz basecoat + boltgun metal drybrush. Still gonna add badab black wash and some mithril silver highlights tomorrow and maybe some slight rust effects.

And here's a pic of some masking in action like a boss :)

In the future I have to figure out a way to do this differently. Since I only had small "masks" I really had to spray directly + the golden yellow is such crap paint to put on black that even the airbrush isn't doing it all too well. I guess part of it is the incorrect way of spraying but if I had bigger masks then I could do fluid moves from left to right without fearing of spraying over the hull. Oh well, lesson learned. So this is how it looks now:

Oh and funny thing. I attached the right sponson lascannon for a test fit and now it's stuck and won't go out...

Update: It's done ufff. I did so many things today that I can't really recall all of them. It was basically finishing up but it turned out to be a lot of work anyway. I tried to do dusting with an airbrush but it turned out a bit too much. Need to tone it down next time. Nice blending though (3 colors ) :)

I also tried something that I saw on youtube recently which is sort of dusting rust pigment with a dry brush and no adhesive at all. You blow off the excess and whatever remains sticks to the model pretty well. If you spray with some matt varnish (which I don't have atm) it will of course stay forever.

Here's the end result: