Saturday, April 14, 2012

Project: Battlescape

Just as I suspected, the temptation to do the Battlescape terrain piece overwhelmed me, so I gave in and started working on it. I am going to update this post as I go further into the project so come back after a while if you want to see it unravel :)

PROJECT STATUS:                   COMPLETE

I'll start off by giving credit to where it's due, namely to Alexandra from Girlpainting who made an awesome (as usual) tutorial on this really nifty rust technique involving hairspray and salt :O I have no clue how people come up with these things but it does work, and looks really good. Here's the link to her youtube video:

A quick rundown of the steps that I've taken so far:

  • prime black
  • basecoat scortched brown (airbrushed)
  • dab scab red followed by blazing orange
  • dab dark rust pigment followed by lighter rust pigment
  • airbrush hairspray
  • sprinkle with salt
  • airbrush ultramarine blue
  • airbrush highlights with 2:1 ultramarine blue and skull white
  • melt salt away with big brush dipped in warm water
 I used slightly different colors then her because I don't have those that she uses. I'm waiting for the whole thing to dry now so here are some pics of the WIP:

When it dries properly, I'll take an old brush and start poking away to uncover more rust. Then I plan on doing a badab black wash in the receses to shade it a little and do devland mud on the top parts of the rust areas with some lightened up UM blue at the bottom edges for the 3D effect she speaks about in part 3 of the tutorial. Stay tuned!

Quick update before I go to bed: I started on the terrain around the rhino. I airbrushed the craters with chardon granite and then highlighted the edges with a mix with skull white. I went around the stones with the new texture paint called armageddon dust, shaded it with devlan mud and did a first drybrush layer of bleached bone.

I couldn't finish the rust because it seems that old tough brushes are no good. Gotta go to a store tomorrow and get a small metal brush. More inc tomorrow :)

Update nr. 2: I managed to do some things tonight. Here's the list:
  • shaded the rocks with badab black
  • highlighted the rocks with skull white
  • bought a steel brush and finished the rust on rhino (it worked but you have to wet the model first or otherwise you'll just scratch it to oblivion)
  • shaded the rhino with badab black (I won't highlight it since it lost it's "flare" long ago :)
  • did the "3D effect" on rust with blue line under larger rust parts and devlan mud wash on the upper parts
  • did the explosion and bullet holes on the rhino with black pigment and highlighted them with mithril silver
  • drubrushed chaos black on the ground in close proximity of the rhino to give it a burnt look
  • I decided that the current coverage of the sand was a bit too uniform so did a light wash of scorched brown in random places
  • drybrushed skull white on the tree stumps and skulls/skeletons
  • touched up the random details with black primer

Not much left to do. Need to finish the random details and tracks + drybrush the trees and glue the doors/hatches in place. I should finish tomorrow and put up good quality pics once it's done.

Final update: It's done!

Ufff, that took a looot of work... I said last night that there's not much left to do but I was wrong. Doing all those details took much more time then expected. To be honest I got kind of lost in all of them so if you guys want to know any particulars just ask in comments and I'll be happy to explain. For now, let's just get straight to the meat - final pics! :)

No lightbox this time because this thing was too big for it, so no funky background :) Hope you like it!


  1. Interesting... A 3D rust effect that looks amazing and sounds fairly straightforward - I might have to use that for my tanks in future.
    The finished product looks fantastic, by the way!

  2. thanks! yea, it's pretty simple and you're actually encouraged to be a bit sloppy :) anyhow, predator is now glued together so gotta fix him up a bit with GS and gonna put up another project soon!