Monday, April 09, 2012

Nurgle daemon prince

Ok, so now that the marines had something going for them it was time to finally get my hands dirty with the models that I REALLY wanted to paint. It's nurgle time baby!

The one model, that really appealed to me is the Nurgle Daemon Prince. I got myself the finecast version and spent a looong time working on him. Below you'll find the description on how I painted him that i copy pasted from my flickr page (cba rewording it just for the blog :) )

Primed black, based armor with scorched brown and skin with dark flesh. Then went to town with different washes of green for the armor and a mix of dwarf + elf flesh with some vomit brown. Drybrush highlighted with rotten flesh and bleached bone. I also did some very light drybrushing of blazing orange and golden yellow to get a cool effect on the horns. Did the middle with bleached bone and final top highlight with skull white.
On the armor i also used devlan mud and thraka green washes a few times. The sword is basically a coat of tinbits and then some drybrushed mithril silver in different shades and then finally a mix of scab and blood red to add some old, dryed up blood.
I also did a bit of work on the base. The rubble is sprew + some cork and a layer of wood filling putty which had to dry overnight. The pipe is ofc a straw and the barrel is some old plastic part i've found around the house and cut to fit. The sludge is 3 shades of various greens starting with foundation knarloc green and then working up to camo green. I then poured some very thick, transparent styrofoam glue on top of it to achieve a 3d effect.

Here are some pics after a recent reshoot:

I posted this to flickr and the GW group there and lo and behold:

I was like WHAAAT!?

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