Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Urban barricades

In preparation for building a full-scale 6' X 4' table, I've decided to paint up some terrain, but such terrain that could also be easily transported outside of my lair and one, that would be very universal. I've always liked the look of the urban barricades so the choice was obvious. Here we go!

There are a few great things about those barricades. Not only are they fairly cheap (and you get six!) but they look great and they have some serious tactical implications on the battlefield. Let me remind you that unless you get scorched by a flamer, they give you a 4+ save which is quite huge, seeing as cover in 6th edition got nerfed significantly. If you spread them out properly, you can pave a sweet and safe path for your infantry to advance and to duck behind when moving outside of transports.

Ok so how I painted them? Well, the basic process for the concrete parts went like this:

- black primer
- heavy overbrush of chardon granite
- 1st highlight: drybrush of a 50/50 mix of CG + codex grey up to about 3/4 way down
- 2nd highlight: what was left with a few drops of codex grey (a lighter mix), about 2/3 down
- 3rd highlight: pure codex grey approx 1/2 down
- 4th highlight: 50/50 codex grey and skull white about 1/3 down
- 5th highlight: pure skull white just at the topmost edgeds

Second step was to figure out what was unique to each segment and paint it in a contrasting color to make them less bleak and uniform. This came down to 3 different areas: fallen monuments + aquilla, pipes and metal things, bike + door.

Rust was simple: scorched brown basecoat followe by red gore + blood red + blazing orange stipples followed by a gryphonne sepia wash and rust pigment stipple on top.

Green parts were done with a catachan green basecoat + camo green overbrush + asthonian camoshade wash + green glaze on top

The statues and aquilla were super simple - just a grey undercoat and pure skull white layer with a badab black wash, followed by another layer of skull white (drybrushed). Grey undercat to make the white stick because if you paint skull white on black undercoat, YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME.

So here you go, very easy and nice looking terrain with heavy practical use (I guess you could make an aegis line out of them if you wanted to as well) that is decently priced and simple to paint. Oh and one more great thing about it? You take it out of the blister and it's ready to go! I have literally, not scraped a single mould line off. No need. If only every model was like that :)

Gallery ensues: (sorry for the lost focus on a few of those, It was a rushed photo session)



  1. I can't wait to see what you'll do with that Hellbrute! Hmm, Nurgle or Khorne, choices, choices...
    Terrain looks great, and if there are no mould lines I might have to pick some up in the future!

  2. i'm most likely gonna start with the cultists, but for the power armor guys I got a new thing comming :)

  3. OK, you have convinced me to get some of my own barricades.

    Best regards,

  4. I think you'll be pleasently surprised how much they add to a battle.