Saturday, March 09, 2013

Deathwing Knights

I'm back! Hello everybody after a long break. Over the past 3 months, I've had a severe case of IRL but now it's back to business as usual and to hit things off I give you a finished squad of Deathwing Knights:

These guys, as well as other terminators that I've prepared, were an experiment with airbrush highlights, inspired by Buypainted from youtube. Instead of going into specifics, I'll just paste the link to his vid to give you an idea of what I mean:

Although I used the same paints as he did, my colors turned out a bit different for some reason, but then again I did not use oil washes. Instead, I carefuly drew shadows with gryphonne sepia in the deepest recesses. Once all models were shaded I just did details but washed them on the go with the usual nuln oils and agrax earthshades. I used athonian camoshade for the cloaks but in retrospect, I think the old thrakka green would be more appropriate.

Then it was just simple highlighting with lighter colors, though on the srgt I did do some wet blending to have a smoother transition of greens. I should have perhaps did the same for all  cloaks but was too lazy :)

I'm quite pleased with the gold parts. I went the usual route of tin bitz, followed by agrax wash, then tin bitz/burnished gold mix for highlights, up to almost pure burnished gold. They turned out ok IMO.

The shields were a challange. I wanted to get a nice stone effect like on the box but couldn't really figure out how they did that. I decided to go with just grey, then wash with nuln oil and then do white lining + scratches at the end. All in all, it's not the exact result I was going for but looks ok.

Finally some weathering which was done the classical way, so black paint dabbed on with a sponge and highlighted with white to get that nice 3d depth. I tried to not go overboard with it and I think I managed to succeed in that regard.

Bases deserve a separate paragraph :) I used ruin themed Kromlech resin base chunks and arranged them on the bases. Usually 3 - max 4 pieces. The thing is, that once you do that, you get a lot of areas with nothing in them ("ruin islands" if you know what I mean), so I decided to fill them with cork and then pour some texture paint on top to blend everything together. After painting, they look very uniform which is exactly what I wanted. Lots of work though.

So there you have it. Nice looking knights. Models themselves are soooo bad ass, I just couldn't resist painting them first. Next up is something that looks equally bad ass, namely 5 veterans so stay tuned!