Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dark Angels Veterans

As promised, I've reactivated my painting mojo and as result I have this squad of veterans ready to show off, so soon after the last update! :)

There isn't much here to go over, since the whole painting process was really basic. I admit, I could've spent more quality time on the robes but I didn't want to spend an eternity fine polishing them. I have so much more to paint in order to get my army all nice and shiny, that I've decided to only really go full out on independent chars and vehicles.
No airbrushing was used here, just normal brushes. Robes where done with bleached bone + sepia wash + bleached bone to cover it up and some bleached bone/white mix highlighting. Armor was just the old dark angels green with thrakka green wash and snot green lining. As I've said, simple stuff over a grey primer.
You've probably noticed pins sticking out of 2 guys. That's because I did the bases with the texture paint and since it makes the surface super irregular, simply gluing models onto it is a bit risky in my opinion. Therefore, I just decided to go the safer route of pinning them.
 Anyway, that's that and deathwing land raider OR Belial are next :)
Oh - the apothecary was done with bits from the SM command squad and the reason you see 3 special weapons here is that I usually proxy them for 3 combi meltas and apothecary - well when I use them as command squad, I always take that guy so I wanted to have a model representation for that.



  1. Two updates in 8 days? This is heresy!
    Incidentally, how long did these each take you?

    1. Hard to say how long individually because I paint them all at once. approx 3 evenings of 4-5h each.

    2. I meant each unit. I don't paint individuals either.
      That is freaking fast.