Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Deathwing Land Raider

My Dark Angels army is growing. As previously announced, the next item on my agenda was going to be the Deathwing Land Raider. After countless hours of "forging" here is the result:


Ok guys, this is going to be a lenghty post so if you want, feel free to skip the wall of text and go straight to the bottom of the page for more pics :)

First of all let me just mention real quick that this is my frist project where I wanted to magnetize the weapons. I mean, come on, for that price you just don't want to buy 2 kits in order to just get the 2 sponson variants :) I used THIS TUTORIAL which tells you exactly what to do and found it extremely helpful. I did not go all the way and magnetize turrets and all the accesories but the sponsons alone took almost 20 magnets... On the pictures you'll only see the flamer, since I have yet to paint the bolters. At this point, let me give you some advice: make sure to glue the mangets perfectly alligned meaning that you don't want them crooked. Second tip is to make them fit perfectly in the holes meaning that you don't want them sticking out of their sockets (unless you need them to, but that is another story). Another thing is to watch out for polarization!! On one sponson, I failed a bit in all those points, but it was my first time and I've learned my lesson quickly :)


This part was actually very straightforward. I started with a grey primer and followed with some VA Medium Brown preshading in the recesses. Next was a mix of VA Arena Sand and bleached bone. When painting my dw knights, I've learned that pure Arena Sand is a bit too white so I experimented with adding bleached bone and it turned out quite good. Next step was to spray it all with matt varnish and do some washing. At first, I didn't want to do an oil wash, so decided to just do a watered down mix of sepia+bleached bone. It looked OK but a bit light. I decided to revisit that part later.

Next up were the green stripes. Here's a little WIP shot of some over-the-top masking :)

This was done with VA Camo Green. With the masking off, I decided to do a little test of all the elements in place and came up with:

You can see the magnets here as well as a piece from the Jetfighter kit which I stripped down a bit and filed away the curves, in order to make a cool door ornament. I used the helmet, book and angel from the veterans kit to make the whole thing more DAish.


With the body basecoated and washed I started working on the details. As you can see on the picture above, at that point, the model was very uniform in color so I wanted to break it as much as I could with sharp color contrasts. To fit the DW scheme, I decided to do a lot of red accents on the weapons, go with green/blue lenses and most importantly - black frag launchers. I had a lot of pondering on how to approach the frag launchers and after browsing the internet for inspiration, decided to do them black.

Another big design decision was the melta guy. At this point, I'd like to shout out to the DA group on facebook for some help in this matter. My biggest concern was to make him appealing both colorwise and correct fluffwise. Finally, I decided to do a green marine with red shoulderpads to both have a nice color contrast and a way to show that he's not just your regular Greenwing marine.

In order to add some variety to the flat, green front panels I added the red DW decals and did some freehand scriptures in white. I'm superbad when it comes to freehand so it is what is :( Goal achieved nevertheless.

Purity seals, the book and the "banner" on the front are purposely darker to make them pop from the bright bone color. Another detail, who's purpose was to add variety was the angel icon on the assault cannon. Initially, I wanted to make it stonelike but after going overboard with washes and glazes, decided to simply make it green. Good or bad - dunno but at least it sticks out!


Ok so here's the part where I missed out completely on some awesome techniques that I could have used. For reference take a look at a 4 part series of this guy on youtube who does an AMAZING job at weathering his tank. I surely learned a lot from him but unfortunately, in this particular case, it was already too late to apply a lot of the stuff he talks about.

I managed to do some sponge chipping with scorched brown and black + white highlights and on some exposed edges a metal highlight to represent deeper cuts. I also did the simple task of adding dust by spraying VA Medium Brown from a large distance. I tried to do some leaks but having failed in most cases, I erased the majority. At this point I decided to go with the oil wash afterall. I used a mix of humbrol black and brown (no.62) matt paint, dilluted in turpentine. It worked much better than expected and all the excess was easily washed away with turpentine later. Just make sure to matt varnish the whole thing before applying an oil wash. It makes it flow in the recesses infinitely better + it's way easier to erase the excess without damaging the layers underneath.

For the tire tracks I did the simple technique of painting them silver, then applying a muddy pigment wash and finally drybrushing metal on the uppermost edges. Looks quite nice IMO.

One last thing to do is to finish the bolters and it will be 100% done. I know there are some fails here and there but to be honest, when you work on a single model for a long time, you become a bit blind and as a result you only notice that stuff once you look at the pics :( Here's the rest of them:


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