Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dark Angels Rifledread

This AOBR dreadnought, has been sitting in my closet for over a year now. I wanted to wait with painting until I figured out a way to put him in my army list. Once I figured out, that I want to run a dual autocannon wielding badass it got really simple, really fast :)

To begin with, I had to get the forgeworld autocannons. Unfortunately, out of the whole GW product line, the only thing that comes close, without the need of over-the-top-modelling, is the quad gun from an Aegis, but I wasn't going to waste a quad gun, since I use it in games as well.

Painting went like this:

1) Airbrush part

- grey primer
- preshading with black
- VA olive green basecoat
- VA gunship green highlights on the edges
- VA silver for metal parts
- VA medium brown for dust

Some comments to this part are that gunship green is perhaps not the most awesome highlight color to olive green, but it kinda worked out anyway. VA silver is just pure awesomesauce when it comes to quickly painting large metal areas. It covers beautifully and black wash goes over it really well. I will probably get a darker shade of silver for future projects though.

Detail painting was nothing fancy, just your normal base/wash/highlight stuff. What did work really well, was the Humbrol decal fix. It's awesome because you use it both, before placing the decal AND after, so no need to apply 2 separate fluids. Of course, on top of that, it masks the film part really well. Combined with matt varnish, the film just vanishes and you're left with an awesome decal. This decal work was for sure my best one yet, so I'm really happy about that.

For the base, I once again, used kromlech urban rubble thingies. They're really cool but you have to fill gaps with tiny pieces of cork and sort of cement them with texture paint to get a unified look. Otherwise, you'll just get islands of rubble. For this large base I used 6 pieces IIRC.

Last but not least, I painted and added some Dark Angels bling that I had left over from the veteran's sprue. I'm really happy with the idea of adding those wings to the autocannons. Angelic justice comming right at ya! :)

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