Saturday, May 04, 2013

Sammael, Grand Master of the Ravenwing

This is probably one of my favorite models. I've been meaning to paint him for quite a while but was put off by the whole failcast thing. Finally, I accumulated enough zen to sit down and bite through the fail sculpt. I tried my best to bring him to life, as he deserves, but one can only do so much.

There isn't much to say about the painting process as it was quite straightforward. I do want to mention 2 things though:

One is that I deliberately did not fix any sculpt fails, to be able to show to all my friends how fucked up it gets. I mean, there isn't THAT many of them but when you look closely it really shows. On top of that, flat surfaces are not really flat. They're full of imperfections and it just really makes you cry.

The other thing is the power sword. I watched the Buypainted tutorial and decided to go ahead and try it myself. For that purpose, I bought 3 new paints, namely:

- VA light sea blue 71089
- VA french blue 71088
- VA dark sea blue 71087

You mask half of the blade first, which in this case is a real pain since that half is maybe like 3 millimeters wide and being finecast is SUPER fragile (not to mention a bit crooked). Then you start with white on all, followed by light blue, french blue and sea blue on the tip of the opposite end. You do the same thing on the flip side of the sword, wait for all to dry, then carefully remove masking tape and repeat the procedure with the opposite side, but reversing the color order. Once that is done, you just do a line highlight with white on the edges and through the middle, add some reflections with white lines accross the blade and voila. Fast, easy and good looking. Kudos Buypainted! :)

That's pretty much it, rest is basic stuff. Enjoy the rest of the pics, though I didn't do too many since only the front angles are interesting.


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